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Sep 27, 2023

Sis, you know there’s nothing you can do to earn our love and honor here at Woman Evolve, right? No cap, but W.E. give that out freely! This sisterhood community finds value in EVERY woman W.E. come in connection with! But to help us truly understand the depths of sisterhood relationships, SJR invited Relationship Expert and Certified Marriage & Family Counselor, Love McPherson, on the podcast this week to be a voice of hope! In this episode, they discuss the most rewarding and hardest parts of being a sister or a friend. Listeners will walk away understanding how to love and honor others through every stage of life without compromising their own earthly assignment. ‘Cause well, it’s levels to this thang! This show is brought to you by online therapy + buttery, five-star clothing collection + Abide biblical meditations.