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May 4, 2022

The doors of the podcast are open & W.E. welcome you to leave your side-eyes at the altar. Here to destigmatize mental health and normalize therapy is author, speaker, & licensed therapist Jay Barnett. Liiisssten, this brotha’s story of emotional invalidation, holistic healing, and spiritual reconciliation is fiya! What W.E. not gone do is…suffer in silence at the fear of being judged. ‘Cause people who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast the first stone…or whatever Jesus said. Jay told SJR that W.E. be out here studying from the Book of Webbie when God created us to be in community & Sis, where’s the lie? Fellas can catch the homie on tour with + Tap into his socials @KingJayBarnett! Delegation, when was your last checkup? For mental, medical, or dental care visit +