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May 11, 2022

Chiiillleee, the Saints say W.E. are too blessed to be stressed & too anointed to be disappointed, but the devil is a LIE! This week SJR is joined by Dr. Thema Bryant, an ordained minister, clinical psychologist, author, AND president-elect of the American Psychological Association—yaaasss, put some respect on her name! Together they explore our stress capacity, the need of a sacred pause, intergenerational trauma, & so much MORE! Sis, Dr. Thema came for our edges & eyelashes, but that’s alright! W.E. wanna know…Are you ever able to have ease? Is it possible to live a stress-free life? Can you love God and still struggle? Lean into this powerful episode & reclaim the truth of who you are with Homecoming, the book: + the podcast: Delegation, do you wanna REVOLUTION? Whoop, Whoop! W.E. said, do you wanna REVOLUTION? Whoop, Whoop! Then bop on over to!