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Feb 6, 2019

The Delegation came together to touch and agree (or disagree amicably) with the potential rescues of Demi Lovato, Bow Wow and Liam Neeson. Hail Mary Candice Payne is proof that not all life saving, superheroes wear capes! Some of the Delegates made it known that they’re willing to have their honesty tested by bank tellers like Hail Joseph Dane Gillespie — sir gave back the MILLIONS that were given to him by mistake...chile, he’s saved saved. The responses to the advice questions were full of gems from SJR and the Delegates (disadvantage of being the “strong friend”, typical relationship questionnaire vs the natural flow, taking control of and prioritizing your wholeness). SJR’s snack was a good reminder that we may be living a life that we once prayed for, so don’t take for granted the little things that once brought us great joy. National Donestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233