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Jun 30, 2021

ISSA finale! All SZN long, the Delegation cut up, SJR clowned, & Eve was well…Eve! In this episode, W.E. tossed a few floaties while rooting for Harriet Tubman, a Los Angeles “gardengineer”, and Black Olympian Magic! Press PLAY to hear how the advice segment offers a perspective shift for all of us. Sis, is W.E. outside this summer? Either way, flex on 'em & freely shine! W.E. mean it GIRL—grow & glow! Because the shine is in the process, not in the destination. LISTEN, podcast-time in the sanctuary is our FAV, but sisterhood is happening with + + WomanEvolve.TV + + Be sure to support our sponsors at + + with promo code EVOLVE. Till next time, W.E. have left the chat!