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Nov 16, 2022

Don’t call it a podcast, call it an invitation! In this episode, W.E. are inviting listeners to mind their business—Delegation, y’all know how W.E. do—and be curious about what’s happening on the inside. This week SJR teamed up with self-healing educator, author, speaker, and mental wellness advocate, Yasmine Cheyenne! Together they tackle the hot topics of success, healing, empathy, and so much MORE! Sis, healing work is hard work & everybody ain’t bout it, bout it. Inviting the knowledge of trauma and triggers to take up mental real estate gets raggedy, but when purpose overrides humanity, you’ll understand why the undoing is necessary. Yasmine shared ways W.E. can tap into our inner knowing and helped a Sista out during the advice segment! For the sweet things in life, swing by to PRE-ORDER The Sugar Jar! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy + Zocdoc digital health marketplace + First Republic banking.