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Apr 13, 2022

W.E. sayin’ it loud from the church pews to the parking lot—HE ALWAYS PROVIDES! Chile, if that’s your testimony…give Him praise & gone press PLAY. Teaching listeners how to manage their resources with strategy is CEO & co-founder of the Fearless.Fund, our homie Arian Simone! She & SJR discussed finances, human resources, & taking risks...while Eve mentioned a thing or two ‘bout heaux tales. Sis, you serve THEE God who is more than enough! So, chin up, chest out as Arian invites you to exchange that scarcity mindset for abundant thinking! W.E. wanna know, what’s the most valuable resource in your life? Meet us in the comments, then email to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Sponsors alert—What does HelloFresh & Headspace have in common? Mindfulness meditation in the kitchen—throw down, Sis!