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Feb 10, 2021

Will there be a rescue? Does this episode float or sink? Should SJR’s singing & Wi-Fi be left at the altar? TUNE IN to find out! An impossible burger, some water skis, a helicopter, the spa, and a “thank you, next” surface on the podcast, right before W.E. hype up our sisterhood for doing the things! There’s co-parenting & self-love advice, which offers perspective followed by a heart posture that accepts confidence in the good/God-things. Gorilla glue aside, SJR wants you to save thy edges & coins! Discover your creativity at with a FREE trial of Premium Membership. Cop a meal kit when you visit & use code WomanEvolve10 for 10 FREE meals, including FREE shipping. Heal your “little girl self” with the help of a therapist at & get 10% off your first month. Lastly, listen + subscribe to the podcast “Good Words with Kirk Franklin” for ongoing inspiration & empowerment—then come cut up with the Delegation again next week!