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Mar 10, 2021

Without tech issues in sight, SJR's courage LIT up at the opening of this episode! W.E. sailed smooth into rescue waters with a resounding NO #Respectfully. In the end, a jet and top flight security made a "royal" rescue appearance as the Delegation sipped tea & threw shade from ashore. Sis, PLUG-IN to receive writing tips and advice regarding self-doubt and uncertainty.  Homework: Name an area where you are not courageously free. Challenge: Stand flat-footed in your freedom by committing to courage this week. Take FULL advantage of our listener perks! Prioritize your mental health at & get 10% off your first month. Fulfill business orders with the support of & enter offer code EVOLVE to get a 60-day free trial. Skip the grocery store when you visit & use code WomanEvolve12 for 12 FREE meals, including FREE shipping.