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Aug 31, 2022

Our guest co-host is bringing the heat & W.E. talkin’ fresh, fresh FIRE! Straight outta Maverick City Music & off the Kingdom Tour is prophetic worship leader Naomi Raine! Yaaasss chile, the QUEEN of snatching eyelashes & slaying us in the Spirit! Sis ain’t new to this, she true to this. So, it was only right for Naomi to roll up on SJR and ignite listeners' faith in trusting Jesus. No cap, but time & history with God matters. And don’t get it twisted, W.E. all struggle with moments of “make it make sense, Jesus”…but He IS faithful. Plot twist: the love of God & the fear of punishment had a Verzuz battle, so TUNE IN! Chile, W.E. went in ‘cause the naysayers #TriedIt by condemning you and counting you out, Sis. But a good, good Father will bestow a crown of beauty instead of ashes…bu-lee-dat! ‘Journey’ more with Naomi when you cop her NEW solo album at Then, change how you think, eat, & feel! For real this time, with the support of