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Jun 14, 2023

Sis, do you feel like you’ve reached the end of your rope? Has a certain person, place, or thing rendered you hopeless? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! This week on the podcast, SJR got an expert on the line—Dr. Natasha Stewart-Gresham! As an inspirational speaker, adviser, and life coach, she shares her story of burnout to new beginnings. Sooo…what was her secret sauce for reigniting hope, you ask? Speaking truth about the condition her life was in & Taking accountability for the part she played. Tune in as these two discuss divorce, true love, blending families, self-compassion, and the importance of showing young girls our scars. This show is sponsored by online therapy + digital health marketplace. Gone give 'em a try & tell 'em W.E. sent you!