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Sep 28, 2022

Holding onto hope in hard times is a revolutionary act! Just ask our girl April Daniels who, when faced with the devastating loss of her husband, REFUSED to lose faith in God. Sooo…When did resiliency kick in? How did her pep talks with God go? And what should you do when your flesh tries to buck the spirit? Sis, press PLAY for all the deets! April told SJR that she traded her anger for questions and found hope in the promises of God. W.E. pray this episode allows you to draw near Him during times of grief and sorrow. With expectation that for every setback, God has a major comeback! Delegation, connect with this queen on IG @iamaprildaniels @thegirlfriendscorner @thembmag where she is crushin’ it as a faith influencer! Then, hit up to be our guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice.