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Oct 5, 2022

Whew chile, wait a minute! Did y’all peep the jaw-dropping trailer of “Angelina”? That NEW Woman Evolve series featuring an intimate view on domestic violence—it’s giving…generational trauma didn’t start with you, but it ENDS with you! With a premiere date of 10/6, SJR sat down with writer and director, Teya Roberts, plus advocate and executive director of the DOVES Network, Tiffany Mensah! This trio is not only raising awareness in faith spaces but making a tangible impact for survivors and witnesses of family violence. So, stop what you're doing & gain the tools to be empowered and see life beyond your own experience. W.E. ain’t doing NO victim-blaming or asking ‘why’ questions over here, Sis. It’s nothing but love, compassion, and empathy—for the sisterhood! W.E. pray for your courage to break the curse with helpful resources at + This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp, Zocdoc, & First Republic Bank.