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May 18, 2022

Aht, Aht! Disappointment can't be living rent-free in your head Sis. Matter fact, turn SJR & Marissa Craft up in the microphone as they school us on turning our L’s into lessons! Yes, the situation let you down & at times you sense defeat—W.E. validate all that. But girl, you STILL have access! Plot twist: your disappointment and trust in God CAN live in the same place. The bestie SJR opened up about a recent experience where the enemy tried it, but self-compassion had the final say. While our girl Marissa, twin mom & teacher, empowered listeners to the T! So, you gone ask God to release you from the feeling of disappointment & watch Him work? Or remain Eve’in in dem streets? Either way, email to be featured as a guest co-host or to ask ya girl SJR for advice! Listeners can deal with disappointment in counseling at + stream Kingdom Business, a NEW original series premiering May 19th only on!