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Aug 24, 2022

Chile, W.E. love breaking bread with the Delegation! But besides the Canaanite woman, who’s truly measured the weight of glory in a single crumb? Shifting our perspective to strategize with even the smallest of things, is inspirational activist, author, and development coach Dr. Pam Ross. She & SJR testified that God WILL take your crumbs, put them to the fire, and spark a miracle! Yep, if He did it with dirt for Adam, He sho’nuff can do it for the girls! Our bestie SJR let us in on her latest fears, followed by a noteworthy advice question. Sis, let this episode be a reminder that crumbs from God hit different! Learn more about the work that Dr. Pam is doing at Plus, cop her NEW book, Get Ready to Fly! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp.