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Nov 2, 2022

The category is BODY! That’s right. We’re talkin’ fearfully & wonderfully made! Just ask the homie Amanda Samuels who’s out here revolutionizing her health. Now, who all believe that the way W.E. care for our bodies impacts our relationship with God? W.E. do and the Holy Spirit co-signs! SJR tells of a dissonance experienced when feeling betrayed by the body. And chile, where is the lie? If we’re honest, W.E. gotta watch how W.E. handle ourselves and in turn approach God. This episode is a reminder that W.E. are best in our bodies when W.E. honor and dedicate ALL of it to Him. On the low, Amanda came to preach & W.E. are here for it! Gone are the days when body consciousness is rooted in outward appearance. It's time to do the inner work and become more spiritually in shape, so that God can do a work in you & through you—Amen! Spoiler alert: the bestie SJR is spilling tea on growth opportunities, being built for this, and the need to come out of hiding, so TAP IN! Delegation, as the season change W.E. encourage you to listen to your body & hit up our sponsors when necessary. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy & Zocdoc digital health marketplace. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!