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Nov 23, 2022

Wobble baby, Gobble baby, Wobble baby, Gobble! Two-step with us this Thanksgiving week as SJR chops it up with Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins. As a Black woman actress and producer in Hollywood, our girl unapologetically places her career in God's hands! ‘Cause what better way to jig to “werk, wurk, don’t stop” if He ain’t jiggin’? Ashley let us in on the journey of actualizing her goals. And the bestie SJR proves that she can be a work in progress while reclaiming her destiny—W.E. know that’s right! Sis, you think God not ordering your steps…whole time, He’s stirring up the gift in you. Press PLAY to hear how this episode confronts tough times with gratitude & retrospect! As a loyal listener, be sure to access our sponsorship offers with Uncommon Goods, Audible, & Calm. Tell ‘em W.E. sent you!