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Sep 21, 2022

Access denied, say what? Sis, throw the WHOLE lie away! As a King’s kid, you’ve been granted exclusive access—not to mention W.E got first dibs on heaven’s resources. And that lil’ detour you’re dealing with is NOT denial! Matter fact, our guest co-host Shannon Brown, a philanthropist for communities of color, might say “been there, done that, TRUST God”! She tells SJR of the permission & possibilities that listeners gain access to once coming into full agreement with God. Followed by her personal story of feeling stripped down to nothing in “marriage”, yet STILL having access! This episode is all about knockin’ down barriers, shifting mindsets, and awakening the abundance that’s been there all along. Hear how W.E. gleaned from Psalm 27:10 to address parent-child conflict while comforting the brokenhearted. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp online therapy and the Abide app biblical meditations.