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Mar 3, 2021

New month, Who dis? Chiiillleee, March pulled up on us! In Delegation-fashion, we were caught drinking our water & minding our business. This week, rescues involved a “covid-friendly” mannequin, millionaire dogs (tuh), and Plane Pepper Spray. In the episode, we “hailed” good health, good Samaritans, and good leadership. Then, dug DEEP into an advice segment you don’t want to miss! Sis, if you need to awaken yourself to love OR break covenant with sin, tap.tap.tap in! SJR proposed that we’ll be undergoing soul-surgery with this month’s theme, courage, by exchanging momentary pain for permanent healing (whew). Be sure to plug into Good Words with Kirk Franklin, a recently launched inspirational podcast with NEW episodes airing every Tuesday. Tell Kirk W.E. sent you!