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Jul 27, 2022

Liiisteeen, this episode is giving run up, get done up! ‘Cause W.E. woke up and chose violence—against the spirit of fear on today! Like forreal Sis, what you’re afraid of may not even exist. Our girl SJR & boss babe, Miss Diddy, are putting us on game! From how to look at fear…To taking inventory of those worries that never came to pass. Chile, the enemy better count its days playing on our top. Meanwhile, God out here wildin’ with secret miracles when W.E. trust Him more than ourselves! Wanna be brave in your communication? Need help separating WHAT your trauma created & WHERE divinity is calling you? Say less, by doing the most & plug into this week’s podcast! Plus, Little Miss Lifestyle Specialist & Queen of Marketing tells entrepreneurs how to keep their dreams alive! This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp & Noom, so hit ‘em up to reach those wellness goals. Then screen for a dream trip GIVEAWAY at!