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Sep 23, 2020

We are celebrating our 100th episode of the Woman Evolve Podcast, and over the past few years we’ve had some pretty memorable guests but none as memorable as our resident sister Cora Jakes Coleman. Cora came back to celebrate and co-host with SJR and per the usual they were the party. SJR has been clenching her mighty toolbox but Cora wants here to release it into its destiny. Woman Dissolve has become a thing and as we are dissolving on some fronts we are still continuing to evolve in others. From weight loss to trying to come to a conclusion regarding the topic: how old is too old to sit on your dad or stepdads lap, you don’t want to miss this one.   Listen to this episode and join the celebration but you must BYOCJ, Bring Your Own Communion Juice! If you are not subscribed to this podcast before you hit play make sure you tap that subscribe button and join the delegation each week as we dissolve and evolve together.