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May 10, 2023

Release the need for control, Sis. It was never yours to begin with. This week’s episode is a gentle reminder to take your hand off the situation and place your hope in God. Advising us how, is Kirsten Bennet, a believer, businesswoman, wife, mom, and advocate for youth and mental health! In openly sharing her life's journey of transitions, Kirsten reveals to SJR what she’s currently trusting God to break in her life and W.E. were right there with her! TUNE IN as W.E. explore trust, boundaries, obedience, healing, generational patterns, & so much MORE! Y’all do know W.E. be clubbin’, right? Sign up at by May 10th to receive June’s book. Plus, save $5 off your first month by using promo code READ! This show is sponsored by online therapy + digital healthcare marketplace.